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By Finding Ways To Work Together

We Can Change The World

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About Us
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With help from community leaders, sponsors, donors, volunteers and citizens we are working to build a brand new, state of the art, Youth Community Center primarily for youths, their families and others in need. We are far from our fiancial goal to initiate the second phase of our project but through hard work, persistence, dedication and your help we can accomplish our goal sooner than planned to bring our vision into fruition for our youth. 

" Thank you, Divine Assist, for providing fun activities and events where kids can learn and play.

My children and I are looking forward to attending this

summer's events."

Go Divine Assist! 

Jessica N.


VA. Hanover Co.

" It truly makes me proud of the work that this organization is providing for the youth of the community. If it was not for clubs, organizations like this, and my community, I would not have been blessed with the educational, athletics, and employment opportunities that I have gained over the years. Ashland will always be my hometown community. Link: Letter of Support

Anthony T.

Client Advocate / HS Basketball, Asst. Coach

KC. Missouri, Community Safety Partnership 

" For a citizen to volunteer one's time and resources for a cause greater than themselves is truly an act of kindness divine in nature. Make a divine assist today for tomorrow's youth by volunteering, helping to ensure they have a fair chance at accomplishing anything they can imagine.

Derick E.

Youth Advocate / Divine Assist VP

VA. Ashland 

Community Partner


On behalf of the Liberty Middle School Administration, Staff, and Student we would like to say thank you to Divine Assist Youth and Family Outreach organization for the support and generosity shown to the PBIS Program during the holidays. The LMS community is so lucky to have such a wonderful and positive resource that extends support through-out the year.  We are excited about our community partnership with Divine Assist Youth and Family Outreach, and we look forward to collaborating on the many ways to continue supporting or students, their families, and the community. 


Liberty Middle School 


Adria Mayo, M.A.

Assistant Principal

Community Partner

Divine Assist is a bridge connecting and directing those in need to available resources to satisfy those needs. It has an established relationship with the Ashland community. Many of the organizational leaders and volunteers are longtime residents of Ashland/Hanover. Divine Assist will use its extensive professional network of volunteers (Patrick Henry YMCA, Randolph Macon College, Ashland Library, Jerusalem Baptist Church, and The Dawn Community Center) to provide needed programming for area youth. Having collaborated with the aforementioned community entities, Divine Assist leaders believe it’s time to open the doors of their own facility which will allow them to increase programming especially during this time of the pandemic and the impact it has had on the youth of Ashland/Hanover. Link: Letter of Support

Anthony Keitt

Former Member of Ashland town Council

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