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We are committed to providing charitable community outreach programs, support for  youth, families, and communities through a continuum of programs and services. Empower youth to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their full potential in order to strengthen communities.


Our organization is dedicated to providing youth with a safe, supportive and fun environment to grow and thrive. We have a vision of creating a youth recreational center that will provide an opportunity to develop and implement programs that improve the lives of youth, families and communities. We also seek to build partnerships with other organizations to increase the range of support available to those in need. Through our collective efforts, we hope to create a lasting legacy of positive change. Our goal is to open a youth recreational center to better implement and promote programs we offer and activities to enhance the lives of youth, families, and communities.  To partner with other organizations to broaden our level of expertise and support made available to youth and families in need. To provide after school programs to aid educational goals, healthy lifestyle choices, social recreation and provide mentorship for the improvement of self-development.


Mentoring children is an incredibly rewarding experience. It can be a great way to give back to the community, gain meaningful work experience, and even build lasting relationships. Through mentoring, children can gain access to resources, educational opportunities, and life skills that will help them become successful adults. Mentoring also teaches children to be better problem solvers and to think more critically, allowing them to make decisions that will have positive impacts on their lives.


Children benefit greatly from recreational activities as they allow them to stay healthy and relieve stress. Playing team sports or participating in group activities like dance classes can not only increase physical activity but also provide a sense of belonging and community. Recreational activities can also help children build social skills, learn about the importance of teamwork, and gain confidence. For example, a child playing on a team sport might develop strategies with their teammates to help them achieve success, or a child participating in a music class might learn to perform better with their peers.



 IThe power of divine assistance is a force unto itself. It serves to bring together individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds to accomplish a common goal; to improve the health and wellness of people around them. Volunteers of these sorts often find themselves in positions of leadership, helping to educate and inspire their peers. It also serves to foster a sense of community and connection among those involved.

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Divine Assist
Ashland Virginia

201 Duncan St.
Ashland Va. 23005

Phone: (804) 324-1636

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