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Youth Advocates

Divine Assist
Ashland Youth Center

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With help from community leaders, sponsors, donors, volunteers and  citizens we are working to build a brand new, state of the art Youth Recreation Center in the Town of Ashland, affectionally known by its town residents as "The" Center of The Universe.


We made our vision known to Ashland Town Council in which they responded and expressed their approval and support of our efforts to help improve the quality of life for Ashland and Hanover County residents.


We are far from reaching our financial goal to initiate the second phase of our initiative, with faith, patience, dedication and the communities help, we wish to accomplish our effort sooner than planned to make our vision a reality for the benefit of Ashland and Hanover County youth.


Life is a journey and can be tough at times, especially when you're trying to do it alone, Divine Assist is here to assist the youth and community to help give "Strength For The Journey" & "When You Can't Do It Alone"

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to help please contact:

Wanda Farmer 

(804) 315-2756

Derick Edwards

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For more information contact: Wanda Farmer
Phone: (804) 315-2756


Show your support!
For a state of the art, Youth Recreation Center in Ashland VA. 
We have the town's support.
Join the effort in making a better tomorrow for today's youth.

Thank you for your support! You've joined the first 1,000!

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